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This is how a DNA test works:

1.) You select your desired test, place it in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
2.) Pay for the test with the payment method you select.
3.) Upon receipt of payment, we will immediately send you the required test sets.
4.) You take the samples.
5.) Now you have to fill in and submit this form:

Client Information Form:
Please complete this form and submit it. The Tested Party Information section should match the information listed on the sample envelope.
* indicates required field

Tested Party Information


6.) You send the samples in an envelope to our laboratory in London:

DNA Diagnostics Center
26-28 Hammersmith Grove
W6 7BA
United Kingdom

7.) Our laboratory analyzes the results.
8.) We will send you the results by email.

Upon receipt of the samples, analysis takes approximately 3-4 business days.